The Play

The Story

True, traumatic, funny, ultimately triumphant. Green Door is refreshingly rich in humanity and humour, weaving a love of Shakin’ Stevens and shiny shoes into a disturbing story that affects far too many of us.

If you’re living a horrible life, why don’t you just change it?

Well, the trick is to recognise it’s horrible in the first place.

Backed by Arts Council England and The National Lottery, writer and performer Ann Brown took her inspirational, true-life story to The Kings Arms in Salford and would have taken it to Square Chapel in Halifax if it were not for coronavirus shutting down all our theatres.

Undeniably brutal in places, Green Door is a story that will also make you laugh out loud – not least at some questionable dance moves – as Ann takes you on a journey that encompasses suffering, grief and fear, all somehow bound up with humour and, ultimately, the power of self-worth.

This story took its first tentative steps in 2018 as part of the Stigma showcase at The Kings Arms and returned to the place of its birth as a fully developed one act play. A must see for all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. Ann’s experiences are not unique to her, and feedback from performances proves that, sadly, some of you will recognise yourself in her words.

Green Door was live streamed on Facebook in May 2020. Here is the link to watch it.




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